Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared to six visionaries since 1981, telling us God exists, and that we need to return to a life of prayer. She has told them these will be her last apparitions on Earth.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Medjugorje - Commentary on Our Lady's October 25, 2008 Message


"Dear children! In a special way I call you all to pray for my intentions so that, through your prayers, you may stop Satan's plan over this world, which is further from God every day, and which puts itself in the place of God and is destroying everything that is beautiful and good in the souls of each of you. Therefore, little children, arm yourselves with prayer and fasting so that you may be conscious of how much God loves you, and carry out God's will. Thank you for having responded to my call." Message of October 25, 2008

Our Lady invites us to pray for her intentions. If we give ourselves in prayer to the God, the satanic scheme will not be fulfilled on Earth. By this message, Our Lady asks for our cooperation. We are aware that Jesus and Our Lady can prevail over Satan without us, but they ask for our cooperation and our decision. God created us free and asks of us to take sides. God created us without our help, but He cannot saves us if we do not want it.

When Our Lady speaks about the satanic scheme on this Earth, she does not speak about the nature, but about the man and all the sins which mankind does when it fails before the satanic temptations, which are the various kinds of great sins: marriages of the same sex, abortus, killings, fornication, robbing of the poor, curses, drugs, alcohol, etc. The mankind today continuously puts itself in the place of God and repeats the mistake from the first pages of the Bible (Post 3). Human values have become more important than the Christian values. For many people, money has become a god. The consequence of this is that everything which is good and beautiful in the souls of men is being destroyed.

Our Lady gives us the tools to resist the satanic scheme, and these are the prayer and the fast. We all think that we pray a lot and that we have a deep faith. If we would make a poll, we would see that we do not pray so often. We spend more time talking on the phone, drinking coffees, reading newspapers or watching sport, than we spend praying. The fast and the prayer have been, from the Christian beginnings, the main tools in fighting the evil. If we do not pray and fast, we cannot believe, because the faith, i.e. the trust, is established in relation to someone, and this someone is God. The prayer is the encounter with God, and from this encounter, a strong and forceful faith is being born.

Our Lady invites us in the message from November 25th 1987. to pray that the Satan does not attract us with his vanity and false strength. She says: I am with you and I want you to believe me that I love you. Love and humility can be read from every message of Our Lady, and it is the main reason that so much people from the whole world visits Medugorje – because they feel they are loved.

Tonight’s message Our Lady ends with the words: do the God’s will. In 40th psalm, in 9th row, we can read: “It is dearer to me, my God, to do Your will.” A man who does God’s will is filled by joy and serenity. To do the God’s will means to stride toward sanctity. The humility is the characteristic of those who do the God’s will. They are obedient and meek. Those who do not respond to doing the God’s will are focused on the worldly matters and God is not in the first place for them. These are the people who are full of ambition and are trying to fulfill their goals by any means. These are the people who measure everything with this world’s measure, and consequently loose their joy.

Let us all together decide for God once again, let us heed the call of the Queen of peace, and we will become the true witnesses of the God’s love and the love of Our Lady, we will become such disciples as Jesus wants.

Fra Danko Perutina
Medugorje, October 26th 2008

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  1. I think Fr. Danko's commentary brings home the reality of just how dark our world really is right now.

    I've spent a lot of time studying the Virgin Mary's messages to the world through the visionaries of Medjugorje and spent a lot of time in recent years in books about the apparitions. One thing I always feel when reading or thinking about what is coming out of Medjugorje is a tremendous sense of peace and positivity because the answers to all of the world's problems (no matter how large) can be delivered through prayer and fasting. It's that simple.

    I always take that sense of positivity into the world and get saddened when I look at the world from that perspective. Greed, perversion, abortion, war...This world, overall, is in a very bad place. And it's no wonder to me, in realizing that, why the Virgin Mary has stayed with the visionaries for 26 years. This is a time of grace, but also a time of grave warning. The world needs correction. We can do it ourselves, through prayer and fasting, or God will do it Himself, through more drastic measures.

    I think all of us who live the messages provided to us by the Virgin Mary can rest assured we will be on the right side of the fence when the time for those drastic measures comes, and that is exactly the Virgin Mary's point in her apparitions.

    The visionaries have told us there are secrets concerning chastisements that will come during their lifetimes, but that we should focus on what we're going to do to save our souls. It's important to KNOW this is an urgent time, but not to focus on that. This is a time of grace during which God is inviting us back, providing us a miracle through which to understand how beautiful life really can be when we live it His way, and to realign ourselves with our life's ultimate purpose: to return home to Heaven.

    I want each of you who reads this to understand why I do this blog. I am confident that while I am not perfect I am traveling generally on the right path. I am trying to pray and fast and LIVE these messages. But it is not enough for me to want to save myself. I have tremendous faith that through networking together we can spread these messages on an even grander scale than has already been done. It is my undying hope that we will use this blog as a way of sharing with each other how we are working to spread the messages by truly, truly living them ourselves.