Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared to six visionaries since 1981, telling us God exists, and that we need to return to a life of prayer. She has told them these will be her last apparitions on Earth.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Medjugorje - Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo's Annual Apparition

Hello, everyone.

Below you will find the official English translation of Our Lady's annual apparition to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo, one of the Medjugorje visionaries. This translation is provided by the Information Center in Medjugorje, via Steve and Ana Shawl of Medjugorje Web.

History of Mirjana's Apparitions:

Mirjana reportedly received daily apparitions of Our Lady from June 24th, 1981 through December 25th, 1982. She received the 10th of Our Lady's secrets during her last daily apparition and was told she would receive an annual apparition on March 18th. This annual apparition has contained a message for the entire world, and this year's message is below.

Annual Apparition To Mirjana - March 18, 2009

Several thousand pilgrims gathered in prayer of the Rosary at the 'Blue Cross'. The apparition lasted from 13:52 to 13:58.

"Dear children! Today I call you to look into your hearts sincerely and for a long time. What will you see in them? Where is my Son in them and where is the desire to follow me to Him? My children, may this time of renunciation be a time when you will ask yourself: 'What does my God desire of me personally? What am I to do?' Pray, fast and have a heart full of mercy. Do not forget your shepherds. Pray that they may not get lost, that they may remain in my Son so as to be good shepherds to their flock."

Our Lady looked at all those present and added:
"Again I say to you, if you knew how much I love you, you would cry with happiness. Thank you."

Erik Haan
Medjugorje: The Messages & The Mission


  1. What do you think Our Lady means by "shepherds"?

    I think she is referring to priests, but does anyone have any other ideas?

  2. I do too, including The Holy Father, Cardinals and Bishops. There are many challenges these days.

  3. I think it's important for us to remember that while priests, popes, cardinals, and bishops are assigned to holy offices they are just as susceptible to Satan's snares as the rest of us.