Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared to six visionaries since 1981, telling us God exists, and that we need to return to a life of prayer. She has told them these will be her last apparitions on Earth.

This blog is here to help you live a the full, holy, and enriching life Our Lady says God wants us to live, by providing you with reviews of books related to the apparitions and messages.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Review - The Visions of the Children

Hello again, everyone!

Well, it's been a couple of months since I did my first review and I'm ready to do another. This time I'm actually holding true to the name of this blog and reviewing a book. :) For those of you who didn't read the last review (for a movie), just search for "review" in the "Search this Blog" search box to your right.

Today I'm reviewing what I think is one of the best Medjugorje resources available, especially for those new to learning about the reported apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje: The Visions of the Children, by Janice T. Connell.

Good resource for:

I will put my credibility on the line and say this book is for anyone searching for the secret of life.

Yes, I said it (or stated it, actually). The messages Our Lady has reportedly been giving us through the Medjugorje visionaries are, in themselves, a manual on how to live a holy life. But this book, in its unique format, does such an amazing job of taking those messages and asking (and answering) the questions you and I may have about what they mean for us and how we're supposed to live the messages out.


The Visions of the Children consists mainly of excerpts of in-depth interviews of the visionaries and two locutionists (those who hear Our Lady's voice but do not see her), conducted over the course of several years by Janice T. Connell. Connell is an attorney who came to hear about the apparitions through a newspaper headline and felt compelled to learn more, follow her own faith journey, and eventually publish this book. Connell spends other parts of the book summarizing the story of how these apparitions started and her experiences with the visionaries and locutionists, giving an intimate look into the character of these people reportedly chosen to carry messages from Heaven.

Connell asks straightforward questions, covering every topic from why Our Lady is appearing now to the realities of Satan's influence to what secrets the visionaries hold about the future of the world. You name it and Connell has asked it in this book. Here are some excerpts:

About why we need to pray for souls after their death (answered by visionary Mirjana):

About sin and the state of the world today (answered by visionary Marija):

About chastisements for the world (answered by locutionist Jelena):

One new thing I learned:

The visionaries state Our Lady has told them guardian angels are real. They essentially look like babies with wings and take great joy in leading us down the right path. They apparently want us to know their names and will make them known in some way if we ask. They also apparently like it when we give them tasks to perform for us!

Why this is a good resource:

See my comments toward the beginning of this blog post. Just a phenomenal way to learn so much about these apparitions.

Final thoughts:

I often read books and then sell them, but this is one I'm keeping in my library because it is such a wealth of information and a good reference to remember what is expected of us by God.

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