Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared to six visionaries since 1981, telling us God exists, and that we need to return to a life of prayer. She has told them these will be her last apparitions on Earth.

This blog is here to help you live a the full, holy, and enriching life Our Lady says God wants us to live, by providing you with reviews of books related to the apparitions and messages.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Powerful Dream

A few of my Facebook friends (click the link if you would like to friend me on Facebook) have asked me to explain the powerful dream I had, which kicked off my interest in more-deeply investigating my faith and learn more about the reported apparitions of Medjugorje.

This is actually something I blogged about a while back, so those of you who are interested in hearing my story can find it here.

I would love to hear your stories, too! Feel free to share how you came to learn about Medjugorje by clicking the "Comments" link at the bottom of this post.


Erik Haan
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