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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barack Obama Reverses Abortion-Funding Policy and What the Visionary Vicka Says About Abortion


"President Obama struck down a rule Friday that prohibits U.S. money from funding international family-planning clinics that promote abortion or provide counseling or referrals about abortion services."

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This is a serious issue, with serious consequences. You can probably imagine what Our Lady's thoughts about abortion are, but here are the exact words from visionary Vicka Ivankovic in a 1996 interview conducted by Kresimir Sego and posted at Medjugore Web:

"Once Our Lady told me that the persons who do an abortion commit a grave sin. The children killed that way are little angels for whose death the persons who have done it are responsible.

One should put oneself the question how many people get killed in war, and how many in a mother's womb. Those killed in war are mourned, but children just conceived as though they were not human. There is no difference whether one is killed in war or in an abortion. The responsibility is equal. But man's conscience seems to have failed completely."


  1. I find it frightening that Barack Obama considered this a top priority, just two days after he came to office, and find it sickening that part of my paycheck will fund the promotion of "family planning". "Family planning" is a nice word replacing "abortion" because "abortion" is an ugly act. I think that any time we need to mask the severity of something by using nicer words we're doing a grave injustice. Let us all pray for a reversal of this ruling at some point in the future.

  2. My parish had a "Respect Life" banner to the right of the altar at today's mass. I think it was a statement about President Obama's ruling.