Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared to six visionaries since 1981, telling us God exists, and that we need to return to a life of prayer. She has told them these will be her last apparitions on Earth.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Medjugorje - Our Lady's January 25, 2009 Message

Below you will find the English translation of Our Lady's January 25th message to the world. This translation is provided by the Information Center in Medjugorje.

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Message of January 25, 2009

“Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer. May prayer be for you like the seed that you will put in my heart, which I will give over to my Son Jesus for you, for the salvation of your souls. I desire, little children, for each of you to fall in love with eternal life which is your future, and for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator. I am with you for this long because you are on the wrong path. Only with my help, little children, you will open your eyes. There are many of those who, by living my messages, comprehend that they are on the way of holiness towards eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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  1. I feel as though I've experienced what Mary stated about comprehending being on the way towards eternity. The more regularly I pray the Rosary and attempt to live the messages the more my thoughts become centered around going to Heaven and wondering what it is like. The concerns of this world seem to fall by the wayside...